Letters to Our Daughters | Ras Al Khaimah

I’m writing this letter on your fifteenth birthday, Daisy.  I”m not sure how the years have melted away so quickly but it’s happened, and here we are.  You are at the very same age that your Daddy and I were when we met and went to school together in Cyprus.  Neither one of us could have imagined back then that we would have made something as beautiful as you so many years later, or that our lives were destined to come together and bring up this big beautiful family.

No easy age, fifteen and we do ‘get it’.  We remember all too well how fifteen feels. It’s an age of change, an age of growth and discoveries, and an age of excitement.  Sometimes I feel as though you’re running through it all without stopping to look at the scenery.  I watch the soles of your bare feet flash by as you pick up speed barely looking over your shoulder.  But we are unshaken, always there with you no matter what.  And I know that you don’t always understand why, but one day you will.  My funny, goofy, temperamental, suborn, loving girl.  You can’t know how much I’ve loved these first fifteen years of your life, or how I hope the next fifteen don’t go by nearly as fast.  Happy Birthday my sweetheart, we love you until we might burst.


And what am I going to do without you, my Gabs.  When you leave here in a few weeks to begin a different journey following your own path.  You’re so much a part of me that you feel like my sub-concious, and I can’t begin to imagine my days without you giggling next to me, loving your siblings and crying or laughing at any given moment.

I’m trying so hard to be a good strong Mama, for both of us because you need this, it’s the right thing to do and your beautiful light will shine brighter with no others around it. But don’t for one second think that this is easy, or that you will be alone.  You will never be that.  No time, space or distance can stop me from being right there with you wherever you are.  I’m so fiercely proud of the person you have become, you astound and inspire me, I can barely believe that you’re mine.


I love that we got up before sunset to take these images together, I love that you were both completely on board with it and that you continuously indulge me even though you think I’m cheesy.  Thank you for being two very special people and for making me feel as though I’ve achieved something really amazing in my life.

Your Mama xoxo

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