Letters to our Daughters | March

Hello my little ones.

It’s time for another Letter to you both, and this week I’m finding it difficult to find the right words.  I can’t articulate how watching the two of you together makes me feel and anything I try to say won’t come close to the feelings that I have for my two fruit-loops.  Once upon a time,  we didn’t know that you would have one another, and it could have been so different but how could our lives be anything but this – I dare not even imagine it.  What I have now is everything.  Sunny, bright, dreamy days with hearts full to the brim just from being near you, and all of that despite the weather.

But the two of you just work.  You fit together like intertwined hands, one leading the other, and most days it’s hard to tell who is leading who.  Yesterday I walked  past your bedroom door with an armful of laundry and stopped in my tracks at the sound of your giggles from within the room.  Just out of sight,  I stood as still as I was able so you wouldn’t notice me watching you, just drinking in your togetherness.  I don’t even remember what you were playing with because all I could see were two little faces, lit up with laughter at something or another that you found amusing.  I left after a while, and carried that euphoric ‘I’m the most blessed Mama in the world’ feeling around with me for the rest of the day.  It’s just another one of many moments that I will bring out and revisit often.

Keep on laughing together my sunshine girls,

Your Mama xoxo


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