Letters to Our Daughters | April

When the very lovely Amy Lockheart, asked me to be a a part of this project, I knew that it wasn’t something that I could turn down.  Even with all the craziness of a huge move coming up and other projects on the go, this was one that made my heart beat faster and something that I knew I had to do.  With 5 Daughters,  and not enough time in the world to be able to tell them how I feel, I know that Letters to Our Daughters, will help me to bridge that gap.   I can’t tell you how honored and excited I am to be included in this blog circle of amazingly talented women.  Two years ago, when I began my journey, I couldn’t have dreamt that I’d be part of something as wonderful as this.   I’m going to begin completely back to front with my littlest one.  My Colonial Baby, who is soon to leave the Country that she was born in, to begin new adventures and the next chapter of her life.


My Darling Lucy,

Here you are, three years old, just!  I can’t quite comprehend that this is you, when it seems like a moment ago that I was looking into your incubator at the hospital, willing you to be well enough to come home. I’ve taken a lot of images of you over the last few years, but this one made me cry.   Your sweet curls piled on top of your head, looking forward, so intent on what you were doing.  One button missing on the back of your dress, so exactly you.  There’s always something out of place, just to make me smile.


My little lucky last.  My look-alike. My Velcro-baby, who has clung onto her Mama for the longest of all.  Even now I don’t get through a night without you climbing into my bed to be by my side.  Your arms all warm and snugly as they reach around my neck and the noise of your sucky making little squeaking sounds in my ear.  It seems like just yesterday that I had you, but still I don’t remember life without you.  Even when I was carrying you inside me, I couldn’t have imagined how many times a day that you would make me smile.  Or how many times I would twist your soft blonde curls around my fingers and kiss your sweet cheeks. How is it that you’ve become this independent little person, so eager to keep up with your big sister, so determined to step into her shoes, almost before she’s even stepped out of them.  Such a curious combination of baby and girl, still needing to be held and reassured when you feel the foundations of life shift beneath you a little, but at the same time, wanting to do it all on your own.  Always within reach, you’re never very far away from your Mama, because I’m only ever just a few steps behind you.

Three years was all it took to define you, to bring you to this moment, this place and this person that you are today.  You amaze me little sweetheart, every day you amaze me with your new words, your understanding and your zest for life.  So present and vibrant – so funny, my little comedian – always on the verge of a fit of the giggles.  Oh how I love that sound.

You have your whole life ahead of you my little one and I want so much for it to be great. I want the world to see you through my eyes and experience the complete joy that I do when you’re near me.  I want them to know your sweetness, your beauty, your infectious giggle, your stubborn streak, your mischievous shy smile, your gentle nature and your huge compassionate heart.  But mostly, all I want is for you to be happy.

Just slow down a little for me, will you?  Don’t grow up too fast my last little girl.  I’m trying so hard to hold onto every second, savor every moment, memorize every frame of your life so that I can play it back in my mind in years to come.  I know that you have a wonderful big world in front of you to discover, but for now it’s just us. Me loving you, and you, my last precious little gift, making my life complete.


Love you to the moon and back again angel,

Your Mama

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